Jasmine – Chapter 01 – Fantasy to reality

Jasmine and Dan had been together for eight years, married for three, and things were going very smoothly. They loved each other, deep down, and nothing would ever come between them. Most of the time they thought as one person, they had the same personality and preferences.

Dan was taking Jasmine to see Jack, one of her childhood friends, and she had foolishly told Dan that she had recently had a sexual dream about him. She had shared these thoughts with him before, they were always open and honest, but he knew something was different here. Jack had always been in her life. When she was little he used to play video games with her and he was her first crush. Being relentlessly bullied at school meant she had very few friends, and he was one the people her parents used to know that was nearer her age than theirs. Then again, when he was twenty she was only five, and a family friend, so it was only natural she felt comfortable around him.

He acted a lot younger than his age and they got on like a house on fire. When she hit puberty and started sprouting lumps and bumps in all the right places, Jack distanced himself from her a little. At the beginning she felt slightly upset, but when her mum explained that he probably did not know how to handle a pubescent teenage girl Jasmine understood and ended up getting distracted with new friends and her teenage lifestyle. It was probably a good thing, as when he did turn into her first crush she was not very subtle in showing it. It made the adults laugh.

Since meeting Dan she had never really spoken to Jack. When her mum visited Jack’s mum Jasmine occasionally popped along, but they moved house and she had not seen him for around two years. Jasmine decided she wanted to see how he was getting on so they paid him a visit.

On the day they were visiting, Dan wanted to try a new toy they had recently bought off a kinky website. It was a remote controlled vibrating egg. Jasmine did not really see what the fuss was about and agreed to wear it out to please him. She was more worried about whether Jack had changed as he was now thirty-eight and she was twenty-four.

When they arrived Jasmine realised she had nothing to worry about. They still laughed and played video games like when she was little, and he was still the same person inside. Only now they were old enough to drink and actually be on equal footing again.

She felt a little flushed at the thought his greying hair made him even more attractive, so she focused harder on the screen. She was attempting to sink a level seventy-three warship with a level twenty-three frig. Things were not going to plan and she got totally thrashed. Maybe that was a little ambitious. Whaling might be a better idea…

“This one is so much better than the last one. ACIII was such a grind.” Jack laughed and passed Dan, who was sitting next to him on the couch, a beer. “I almost didn’t buy it, but the lure of the pirates got to me.”

“I didn’t play III. I played the ones before… I fell in love with brotherhood. This is completely different though. It’s hooked me on a whole ‘nother level.” Jasmine joined in.

“She has a thing for pirates.” Dan grinned.

“DAN!” Jasmine playfully punched him in the arm.

“Edward Kenway… Captain Jack Sparrow… She even fancied Keith Richards dressed up as a pirate when he played Sparrow’s dad in that film.” He clicked his fingers and waved his hand around, trying to pluck the name out of thin air.

“Pirates of the Caribbean?” Jasmine scowled and crossed her arms.

“Well they were dirty bastards weren’t they? Can’t blame a woman for dreaming of that. Mind you, every man is.” Jack chuckled and took another sip.

“Care to put your money where your mouth is?” Dan suddenly produced the remote control that went with the egg.

“Dan what the actual fuck are you doing?!” Jasmine’s eyes grew wide. This certainly was not like her conservative husband. She had almost forgotten about the egg inside her, as it was quite small and had warmed up by now. Dan had yet to turn it on. She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

“Am I missing something?” Jack raised an eyebrow and looked at the remote.

“No.” Jasmine said instantly.

“Have a fiddle with this and see what happens.” Dan grinned and passed it to him.

“NO!” She repeated, louder.

“I’ll give it a go.” He grinned back.

Jack pressed the first setting on the remote, and Jasmine nearly fell off her chair. He looked at her in surprise. Dan knew this was breaking point, he either would or wouldn’t now he figured out what was happening. Turns out, he would. He pressed a higher setting.

Jasmine squeaked and stood up, not knowing what to do with herself. She had always been shy, and Dan was the only person who had ever seen her naked. She started to tremble, out of embarrassment and shyness. She could feel the egg pulsing inside her, and it made her pussy quake. She sat down again and squirmed against the chair, trying not to give anything away. She took the controller and started playing the game again, trying to keep a straight face and the controller steady. Dan looked at Jack, and Jack looked at Dan. Dan raised an eyebrow. Jack pursed his lips.

“Maybe I had better give this back, as enjoyable as it would be. I think we have a more… sibling like relationship. I wouldn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.” Jack adjusted his jeans slightly. Jasmine saw him sigh out the corner of her eye and resolved to keep her eyes on the screen again. It made her pussy twinge to think that Jack could even contemplate thinking of doing things to her.

“Oh, OK then.” Dan took the remote back. Jasmine felt relief wash over her. “Only, she said she’s dreamt about you fucking her for years. She even dreams about it now. It would be nice to get that out of her system. We could have a lot of fun doing it.” Dan held the remote ready for the taking in the palm of his hand. Jasmine’s jaw had dropped at this point and she was no longer making any effort to play the game.

In that moment, Jack really took her in. She was very attractive, a nice tight young body with big blue eyes and shiny long black hair. She had pink luscious lips and her cleavage was clearly enviable to any woman. He decided he wanted to fuck her.

Jasmine saw him run his eyes over body and she felt naked under his gaze. Jack’s eyes finally met Jasmine’s. She gripped the sides of the chair, almost fearful of his decision. He slowly took the remote, his eyes not leaving hers. Jack’s fingers ran across the six speeds and hit the switch for full power. Jasmine’s hand darted between her legs and she closed her eyes. She clamped her legs shut. She couldn’t think of anything other than the intense feeling between her legs. She let out a whimper.

“Please stop!! I am too embarrassed to do this! I can’t!” She moaned.

“Well if it’s just being shy that is holding you back, I have no reason to stop.” Jack laughed.

“That’s more like it.” Dan laughed too. “Now there are a few things you should know. I am straight, so I’m going nowhere near your dick, and I would be thankful if you went nowhere near mine. Our entire focus will be making her feel good… Don’t worry about coming, she’s on birth control. Oh, and she’s submissive. She is so shy she pretty much can’t even have sex without you telling her what to do, or making her so horny she doesn’t know what to do. Isn’t that right, Jazzie?” She nodded meekly, not knowing what to do, feeling lost and exposed. She also knew this was nothing compared to how vulnerable she would feel if things continued on this path.

Jack turned the egg down to second speed. He did not want to waste the feeling the top speed could generate. Dan got up and walked towards Jasmine. He put his hands tenderly around her neck to show that he was in control now, and took her hand to bring her to the couch that they had been sitting on. She tried to struggle but Jack took her other wrist firmly and they lead her together. Jack bent her over the arm of the chair and Dan sat on the cushion nearest her. Jasmine was now lying with her face in Dan’s lap. She could not see Jack’s face behind her, but if she could have she would have seen a wicked delight in picking such forbidden fruit written all over it.

“I thought I would let you take it from here. If there is anything you want to talk to her about you will have to spank her to get a straight answer, so now would be a good a time as any.” Jasmine made a muted squeak of panic but Dan kept his hand on her back. She could not believe that she had fantasized about these two things for so long and they were coming true. Dan had never truly dominated her before, it was always with her consent, and she had always wanted Jack inside her, even if sometimes she thought it might just be to put an end to the curiosity.

Dan produced a blindfold from his pocked and tied it round her eyes. He stroked her hair and back while she shivered in anticipation. Jack’s mouth was dry and his lips parted a little. He could not believe that this was happening. He had never really thought of her like this, but obviously when she went from the kid he used to laugh with to the voluptuous shy teenager he could not help the obvious thoughts that had popped into his head. He found them hard to deal with so he had stopped spending time with her as much as he used to. Clearly there had been good reasoning behind that.

Jack could see her trembling, and when he placed his hand on her ass he felt her muscles twitch. She was very sensitive. He blew out through his nose, trying to keep calm. Stroking her ass, she eventually calmed a little, and he gently drew the skirt down her legs. She was wearing little lace French knickers in a sky blue colour, and it highlighted her little round buttocks perfectly. They were so pert and smooth. She had very light skin. Jack could see from the way the panties lay that she either shaved or was very trim.

Jasmine could feel the cold air against her newly uncovered buttocks. She felt glad that she had worn sexy panties today. Her stomach pressed against the soft arm of the sofa made her pussy squeeze around the egg, pressing it hard against her g spot. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she felt Jack’s hand on her bare skin. He quickly drew it away and she flinched, waiting for him to slap her cheek, but the blow did not come. She relaxed, and that is when he decided to strike. She jumped and her head shot up. Her ass cheek stung. He immediately followed up with the other cheek and she cried out in shock. It was painful, but made her wet. The buzzing in her pussy was relentless and she shivered again when Jack rubbed the palms of his hands to relieve the sting he had left her with.

“Is it true?” Jack asked in a stern voice. Jasmine’s pussy twitched at the tone he used. “Do you want me to fuck you?” Jasmine kept her mouth shut and closed her eyes even though the blindfold was on. She was too shy to answer.

“You know what he will do if you don’t answer.” Dan said sternly. Jack noticed her pussy clench beneath her panties and he wanted a better look. Jack took her ankles and pushed her legs out to the either side, so that they were straight and she was much more on display. Her ass looked even finer. He could see now that her panties were wet and there was a slight sheen on her thighs.

“You know what I think, Jazzie? I think you have dreamt about having me fuck you for as long as you can remember. I think you are wet because you are thinking about it and the vibrations won’t let you stop. I think you like it when I slap your ass because you like being under someone’s control. Now, see, it isn’t just your husband, it’s me too, and you have both of us to contend with. Do you think you will be able to keep quiet for much longer?” He traced a line down the edge of her panties and felt her juices. Her pussy was on fire, he could feel the warmth radiating off of it. He licked his lips. His mouth kept going dry. He could not believe his luck.

Jasmine could not handle it. She was going out of her mind. She almost cried she was so happy, horny and hungry for both of them but could not get the words out. The sting on her ass had died down. Dan had never hit her that hard before. She felt immediately like he was in control, whereas because Dan loved her she knew he would never really hurt her and she could push her luck with him. Jack’s words were ringing in her head when she felt him almost touch her pussy. She found it hard to keep her legs straight and apart, she felt the need to close them to relieve the pressure.

Again without warning, Jack’s hand came down on her ass, hard. She cried out again and whimpered a muffled yes into Dan’s lap.

“YES!” She blurted.

“Yes?” Jack queried.

“Yes it’s true.” She gasped as she felt the vibrations go up a notch.

“Good girl.” Jack could hear the vibrations now, and could see her pussy twitching regularly. She was being so good, he reflected. She clearly wasn’t used to being dominated as she had caved in so easily when he had slapped her a little harder. He knew how shy she was and how hard it would be for her to overcome it. He started to think about the possibility of having her more than just this once. He could train her… His thoughts trailed off. He decided to enjoy the moment and think about that later.

Jasmine felt so vulnerable and on show even though her panties were still on. She gripped Dan’s leg and clung onto it for dear life. She could feel the egg gnawing away at her sanity, and Jack’s manipulation of her body was bringing her closer to losing her thought processes and just being a slave to her own physical feelings.

Dan unzipped his trousers and his cock sprang up immediately. He loved watching his new wife like this. He never had the heart to spank her properly, and he could never really use that tone of voice on her when she had not done anything wrong. She was being so compliant; he was starting to learn a few things. Dan started to think of the possibility of this happening more than just this once, but he shook the thought out of his mind. They were married after all; this was a one off just to get it out of her system. He could see her shaking and her ass cheeks twitching. He could hear the egg. He could smell her juices and wanted to take a look behind, but he had seen it all before and wanted to give Jack a good day too. Her grip on his leg was uncomfortable but he knew she needed to hang onto him. He pushed the tip of his cock near her lips and pushed faintly on her hair. She took the head into her mouth and sucked it lightly like a lollypop. He loved it when she did this because it gave her comfort. He could just enjoy the sensation and she need not feel pressure to make him come and just enjoy the feeling of him in her mouth.

Jasmine relaxed as soon as she started sucking Dan’s cock. It was like sucking a thumb when you were a child and it gave her comfort and made her feel secure. The tension went out of her legs and she felt like it was a little easier to cope.

Jack saw her relax and took advantage. He slapped her lightly on her crotch then placed his hand firmly over her hole and clit. He pressed harder and slowly moved his hand in a circle. She moaned against Dan and his head fell back against the sofa. It was like watching dominos fall. He was not into men, but he found it a bit of a buzz that he could affect Dan and help the guy out by manipulating his wife’s body. He removed his hand and slapped her ass. She cried out again, the sound muffled by cock, and Dan grinned and Jack. He was loving every second of this.

Jasmine’s skin was so fair she was already starting to turn a shade of pink. Jack normally had to do twice as much twice as hard to get this result. Her pussy had been hiding for long enough. He pushed her legs together and slid them down. Jack could feel her tense as soon as he did it. And she stopped sucking, her grip on Dan’s thigh increasing. Her cheeks flushed red. She was definitely a shy one, he was really going to enjoy making her scream his name when she came. That would be the ultimate test of how much he could control someone this timid. Taking control and removing her panties so she was fully on display was something anyone could do with enough physical force, but getting his name from those lips at the height of pleasure would take more than the odd slap to her ass. She had to want you to hear her scream your name in order to scream it right, and with someone this shy it would take all his skill. He had a head start with Jasmine just because she would automatically trust him because they had known each other so long. It could take months to get to the same point with a new girlfriend.

Jack opened and straightened her legs again. The vibrator was doing its work, and she was definitely ready and waiting. He let his thoughts slide back to the girl he had watched grow up and felt a little guilty for using how much he knew about her to manipulate her, but he wanted her to go wild, not just enjoy it, and to do that he had to get inside her mind.

“Are you nervous, Jazzie?” Jack asked. He saw her tighten when he said her name.

“Yes.” Every word that came out her mouth was a whimper.

“Why are you nervous?” He faintly slid his finger in a straight line from her asshole to her clit.

“Because.” She managed to say, but fell silent.

“Because?” He slammed his hand against her left cheek harder than he had done before. This time there was a definite imprint of his hand on her cheek. She screamed this time and tried to get up, but Dan held her down. Good. Jack could count on him to comply too.

“OnlyDanhasseenmenakedandIhaveonlyeverbeenwithhim!” She blurted out like it was all one word and sobbed lightly into Dan’s crotch.

“Good girl.” Jack said and turned the egg up to the fourth notch. Only two more to go.

Jasmine could not believe he had struck her so hard. She was starting to be a little scared of him so she said the truth without even thinking. She could have lied but she had the feeling he would have been able to see right through it. He had known her long enough. She was hoping she was on the last setting of the vibrations again; she could not cope with much more of this. She could feel her nervousness slowly fading as her arousal and need increased. Soon there would be nothing left but animal desire. Her legs started to close as if by their own accord, she needed to relieve the pressure. She pressed herself harder against the sofa, which seemed to slow the egg a little, and moved her hand underneath her to touch her pussy.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Dan had noticed what she was trying to do, and decided to join in with the stern voice. He decided he liked the way she reacted to it. She stopped her hand and hesitated before she managed to reach it. Jack gave him the thumbs up behind her back. “You know he won’t let you get away with it, and neither will I.” Dan added on, feeling more confident.

Jasmine noticed the change in Dan’s voice and immediately stopped. She knew that he wasn’t acting anymore. She opened her legs and carried on sucking his cock.

“Good girl.” Dan said, and Jack increased the egg once again. She moaned a long and loud, desperate moan. Both Dan and Jack knew she had crossed the line and she would do what she was told because she needed the release. Her body had taken over.

The only way Jasmine could handle the pressure and arousal was by moaning. She had not meant to but as soon as she started it she let go, her desperation changed its pitch and it went on for longer. Her pussy needed touching and it was all she could think about. She could feel her own wetness constantly increasing. She had been so close to touching it. God she needed it so bad.

Jack decided it was time to let her feel some pleasure. He used his thumb and forefinger to pinch her pussy lips together and stroked up and down. He never touched her clit with his hand but pushed her lips together either side of it. He did not think it was possible but it made her wetter. Her pussy was constantly clenching, and every time it did, he knew the egg would have more of an effect, making her clench and twitch again. It was like a never ending circle for her.

As soon as Jasmine felt his fingers pinch her lips together tears leaked out her eyes. Even this small faint touch felt so good. She was glad she was blindfolded so they could not see.

Dan knew Jasmine better than she knew herself, so he knew she was crying at the sensations she was feeling, but he understood they were good tears so he just stroked her hair and neck with light fingers to show he was there if she needed him. He could never have treated her that badly without the help of someone else she trusted to back him up and give him confidence, and not knowing how she would react. He expected to be leading this, but Jack had obviously done it before so he decided learning was better. He knew after today he would be able to push her a lot more than he had done previously.

Jasmine took comfort from the hand on her neck and head. Her legs were quaking but she tried to keep still. She felt him part her lips and hold them to either side. Now she was really on display and it felt lewd and made her feel vulnerable again, but she liked it. He pulled them out a little tighter and she could feel her clit throb under his gaze. She could feel her blood pulsing through it and when Jack blew lightly on her, her pussy clenched tightly around the vibrating egg, making her moan.

Dan saw Jack reach onto the nearby table and chuck a tie at him. He knew exactly what to do. He removed her hands from his thigh and placed them above her head, wrapping the tie securely around her wrists. He had seen this in porn plenty of times, but only seeing his young wife tied like this did it really make him realise how helpless she would now be. The thought made his cock jump.

Jack did not let go of her pussy throughout the entire process. When she was secured, he spread them wider with a firm hold and licked the tip of his finger. Her clit was cute and small, but he could tell it was swollen and red compared to usual. Her whole pussy was a deep shade of pink that contrasted to the rest of her body.

Jasmine had not fought when Dan went to tie her hands because she was so focused on what Jack was doing to her she did not realise what they were planning. When she felt her wrists locked together she tested her bonds. They were tight, almost painful, so she stopped moving against them. She trusted the men she was with. She stopped herself being afraid. Her breasts now pressed firmly against the sofa as she could no longer support herself. She felt Jack pull her pussy lips to either side with renewed pressure, and her skin stretched either side of her clit, pulling it taught. She moaned.

With his wet finger he slowly stroked it once, putting a medium amount of pressure behind it. It was not fast as a flick, but it was not slow enough to fully relieve her need for her clits attention, just give her enough of a taster to increase her want. Her legs buckled and she gasped and moaned. He immediately increased the egg to its second highest setting and she sobbed and bucked upwards.

Dan held her securely, making her suffer the pleasure of Jack’s administrations to their full extent. She returned to his cock and was sucking a little harder now, beginning to move her head. She was really getting into it, like she wanted to please them so she could have her release. He groaned when he hit the back of her throat for the first time and held onto her hair with his other hand. She complied and moved faster.

Jasmine had lost all thought completely, and could only think of pleasing and getting pleasure in return. She had stopped crying and struggling, and was concentrating on the burning need inside her pussy.

Jack decided it was time to really get going.

“I am going to make you come.” He stated. “I want you to ask permission before you do, and hold it back until I tell you that you are allowed. If you don’t do this, I will make you need it far more than you do now, bringing you to the edge repeatedly until you will say anything I tell you to just for me to let you come. Do you understand?” He asked.

“Yes.” She gasped and continued sucking Dan’s cock with all her skill. She would have agreed to anything to feel his touch again.

“Good girl.” He grinned. She twitched.

Jack picked her up off the sofa, her lips making a sloppy popping sound as Dan’s cock fell away from her unexpectedly. He carried her to the bedroom while Dan followed. Jack placed her on the bed and Dan lay next to her, kissing her neck while Jack left the room.

Dan removed her top and bra, and started stroking her nipples. They were a pale pink, and contrasted lightly to her light creamy skin tone. Her breasts were large but not overly so. The nipples were hard and sensitive, and she squirmed under his relentless tickling touch. Jack came back into the bedroom and tied her hands to the bed while Dan continued to tease her. He pulled her down so her body was fully stretched out and she could not fight back. She squealed and arched her back when Dan pinched her nipple between his fingers and pulled it upwards a little harder than he normally would have. He did the same with the other one and they turned a little redder. He decided to be a little braver and harshly flicked the nearest one.

Jasmine felt the painful flick and yelped. She had never felt anything like this before. It hurt, there was no pleasure there, but after the initial burst of pain subsided she could feel her nipple throbbing and it felt more sensitive. It tingled and stung. She liked it. She expected him to do her other nipple next and was waiting for the pain, tensed on that side to make it hurt a little less.

Dan could see she was fighting against her bonds, tensing on the side where he had yet to flick her nipple. He considered the reaction she had given when Jack had done what she had least expected with where he landed his slaps, and he decided to try it out. Instead of flicking the nipple he had yet to claim, he flicked the one that was tender and sore from his previous blow. He did it at the same intensity, harsh and hard. She screamed his name and gasped with pain. It was definitely redder now. He would have to make it even. He did two quick painful flicks to the other nipple, one after the other, and she started sobbing and moaning with pleasure at the same time.

Jasmine felt so confused. She hated the feeling of the flick, but the fact Dan could treat her like this made her head spin. Her nipples felt hot and she could feel the mark of where his finger had hit. It matched the intensity of the heat between her legs. She froze as she heard Jack on her other side, placing something metallic on what was probably a bedside cabinet, as it sounded like wood.

Dan placed his hands on her stomach and shoulder. He kissed her arms and neck. She jumped when she felt something very cold and wet touch her burning left nipple. She knew it was Jack. She thought it felt like ice, maybe he had got an ice bucket. The burning pain receded and she sighed. She enjoyed the sensation, but then it became uncomfortable and began to burn because of the cold. She was about to ask for him to stop when he removed it, and replaced it immediately with his mouth. The warmth was exquisite and he bit her nipple lightly, while putting ice on the other one.

Jack moved to the next nipple when it was cold enough and sucked on it, biting and rolling it between his teeth. He knew she would be very sensitive to this by now, and she was pressing her bottom into the mattress and squirming about. He trailed the diminished ice cube down to her pussy.

Jasmine felt rivulets of water drip down either side of her body as the ice cube made its way lower. Dan was manipulating her breasts still, and Jack moved down with the ice. It made her have goose bumps and every time she felt a new drop of water slide down across her skin it made her shiver. Not being able to see made every feeling so much more intense as she had no idea where each of the four hands and two mouths were planning to go next.

Jack opened her legs and she thrust toward him, whimpering.

“Please.” She could barely gasp the words.

Jack thought she had been good enough. He slid the ice cube down her slit and back up again, holding it gently on her clit. When her heat had melted it to the size of a penny he pushed it inside her pussy. He knew at that size it would melt fast enough not to damage her skin, but still be hard for her to take. He moved his fingers along her slit to wet them, and gently slid them inwards. He could feel the vibrating egg now, and pushed the ice cube to the other side of it. curved his fingers around the underside of the egg and gently pushed upwards, forcing the vibration against her tender and sensitive G-spot. She shrieked and pulled against the bonds. He held it there, and she bucked upwards, trying to stop the too-good sensation. He would not let her escape it.

“Please… Pleaaase.” She sobbed and tried to shut her legs.

“Don’t you dare shut your legs, or I will flick your nipple much harder than I did last time.” Dan ordered and put his hands around her neck. She moaned and fought to control her limbs but they would not instantly obey. Her muscles were tensed from her head to her toe as she forced her own legs apart while Jack started to move the egg up and down and in circles, making her pussy twitch and clench every time it found her sweet spot.

“You can do it Jazzie. Just relax. Stop fighting it and take it.” Dan whispered into her ear. Every sentence made her squirm but she managed to do as he said. Dan stroked her neck and moved to her stomach and breasts, swirling his hands around to her sides and back up again.

“It’s too hard.” She sobbed. “I can’t do it.”

“Yes you can. You are doing it right now, and you don’t have a choice. I know it feels like it is too good, but if you close your legs you are never going to come, and you will never get to feel Jack inside you.” He said matter-of-factly.

Jasmine knew she needed it. She knew she would never be able to stop thinking about it if she failed, so she fought with all her mind to keep her muscles relaxed and her legs wide for Jack. Having Dan whisper in her ear was making it even hotter, and she knew if it were not for Dan she would never have been feeling so good. She felt so overwhelmingly in love with him for doing this to her.

When the ice had melted Jack slowly pulled the egg out and let her have a small moment of release. She lay limply on the bed. Jack put his fingers back in and stroked her G-spot relentlessly slowly, building up quicker. Her legs were quivering, starting to close again. She was moaning and unconsciously fighting the bonds that were tying her to the bed.

Dan continued to stroke her, biting her nipples harder now, making her squeal and beg for him to stop as he was intensifying every feeling in her body.

Jack motioned for Dan to hold her in place, so Dan placed his hand arm over her waist and got a firm grip, ready to restrain her. Jack silently moved the egg to her clit and wiggled it firmly from side to side, making it flick from left to right. As soon as it touched her she screamed and bucked, but Dan held her down and she could not move an inch.

The pressure on Jasmine was unforgiving, and she sobbed at the overwhelming pleasure that was too much for her to take. She felt something change in the pit of her stomach almost instantly, and she knew she would come quickly if he continued his assault on her G-spot and clit at the same time.

“PLEASE!” She screamed at Jack.

“What do you want Jasmine?” Dan put his hand around her neck and pinched her nipple with the other.

“Please come please. PLEASE CAN I COME!” She managed to get the words out eventually with tears running down her cheeks.

“Hold it in Jasmine. I don’t want you to come yet.” Jack said softly, calmly.

“I CAAAAAN’T!” She screamed.

“You can. And you will. Because you know we are in charge and you will do exactly what we tell you to.” Dan chimed in.

Jack nodded towards the remote, and Dan increased the egg to full power. He could barely control his wife, and he had to force her into the bed in order to keep her still so that Jack could continue his exact ministrations.

Jasmine could not take it. The feeling in her pussy was too intense. She was going to come whether she could stop it or not. She was on the edge and could feel herself about to fall off, her pussy tightening and shuddering already.

“Jasmine, if you say my name… You can come.” Jack pressed harder on her G-spot. She did not need telling twice.

“Ja…aaa….aaaaack. Ahhhahaa.” She screamed and sobbed at the top of her lungs while her body convulsed. It was the most erotic thing Jack had ever heard, especially coming from her lips.

Jack waited until after she had completely finished coming before he let her rest. She was shaking and covered in sweat. He could see tears had escaped her blindfold as there were mascara stains on her cheeks. He lay down next to her on the opposite side to Dan.

“You did so well baby.” Dan said and kissed her neck tenderly while his hand was on the breast nearest to him. Jack removed her blindfold and let his hand rest on the breast on his side.

Jasmine blinked as there was bright sun filtering through the window. She could not stop shaking, the aftershocks still running through her. She was in a bit of a daze, not really knowing what to do or say. She closed her legs with some difficulty; she felt like jelly and had no strength. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She closed her eyes and listened to their voices.

“I could not have put it better myself. I am very impressed Jazzie. You came hard for me.” Jack pinched her nipple and Jasmine whimpered.

“You haven’t had enough though. We will let you have a little nap while we go and talk. But we will be back for more.” Dan told her. Jasmine already had her eyes closed and moaned in response. Dan placed a pillow under her head.

“Fancy a beer?” Jack whispered across Jasmine to Dan.

“Beer.” Dan nodded. They left her covered up in the cosy duvet, he cheeks flushed and her pussy still damp from her exertions, her hands still resting on the pillows further up and tied above her head.

They retreated to the living room and Jack dished out the beers.

“Well that escalated quickly.” He quoted a well-known meme and knocked bottles with Dan.

“I think if it escalated too slowly we would have thought about it more. Probably a little too much. That and it would have given her time to be even shyer.” Dan laughed.

“Where do you want to go from here?” Jack asked serously after a few seconds of silence.

“I am game to try whatever. I have learnt quite a bit already.” Dan replied. Jack nodded to his response.

“Well, I have a few ideas…” Jack walked to the hallway and took a last look at Jasmine, lying there with her nipples just peeping out of the top of the cover, hands deliciously trussed up behind her head.

He closed the door so she would not be able to hear their plans for her…

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